Sasha Obama Has Been Sent To Study At University Of Michigan & Was Also Spotted At Campus, Reports Say

Date August 29, 2019

In 2017, the watchers cheered for Michelle & Barack Obama's eldest one, Malia. She left their nest to attend Harvard University in the state of Massachusetts after one-year of study gap. Now, her younger sister is ready to spread the wings too.

Earlier this year, Sasha Obama went on a date with her classmate, Chris Milton for their senior prom. The cutesy duo posed beside their respective siblings in a released photo. Soon, Michelle's baby girl graduated the class of 2019 from Sidwell High School.

Her next destination

Detroit News has informed that the 18-year-old has been enrolled at the University of Michigan. She is scheduled to undertake the classes of her course next week. A lot of students spotted her on campus during the freshman orientation.

One of the seniors, Zach Lessen revealed that Sasha was guarded by a bunch of security personnel. He thought her official joining would be "pretty cool". Another student, Jessica Brinser expressed her excitement over the idea, saying:

We hope she finds her fit here just like we all have. We all love it here. We hope she does, too.

However, the institute hasn't confirmed it yet. The spokesman of the University, Rick Fitzgerald refused to affirm, excusing that the enrollment information won't even be available in the near future.

People are skeptical

Sasha opted for a public university instead of an Ivy League. The commentators are doubtful she'll stick around. They are expecting her to reconsider and join Harvard just like Malia.

We wish the youngster all the best in her educational ventures. She'll surely make the most from her decision despite what the public thinks.