Donny Osmond Serenaded & Kissed Betty White In Admiration: It Greatly Amused The Audience & Melted Their Hearts

Date September 18, 2019 15:01

Long before philanthropy became a trend for Hollywood celebrities, the legends of the 80s were already up to charity work. They used to collaborate at fundraising events and it could be a night of wonders. Here's a throwback to such an evening which marked Donny's admiration for Betty White.

In May of 2011, Dolly Parton, Betty White, Leeza Gibbons, Marie Osmond, and Donny Osmond joined forces at the Paul Mitchell School's 8th annual dinner. It generated more than $1.6 million for several NGOs, including Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

The highlight of that day

The Osmond siblings entertained the audience with their hit numbers. The night took its best turn when Donny got off the stage and headed towards his idol, Betty White. He took her hand and started singing a special version of 'Puppy love' to express how much he adores the actress.

Betty affectionately placed her hand on Donny's shoulder and started to sway her body with the music. They danced to the sweet melody. Soon, the whole room applauded for them as the singer adorably kissed her. White didn't hesitate to give him a playful smooch on the lips. It was quite amusing and seemed cutesy to the audience. Donny, you big charmer!

Donny is too good at showing his love

As an artist, the performer is equipped to demonstrate all kinds of love whether it's romantic or just appreciation. He previously dedicated a song to his wife, Debbie on their 40th anniversary. It featured his melodious voice, tributes from their children and the joy of sharing a lifetime together.

By lovingly serenading Betty White, Donny has taught us how to treat your icon. By the way, we just wish we could just be him and sweep Betty off her feet like that.