Tiffany Trump Breaks Silence After Comment Of Trump's Assistant That He Hates Posing With His 'Overweight' Daughter

Date September 3, 2019

Madeleine Westerhout remained under President Trump's wing as his assistant for more than 2 years. Recently, the 28-year-old got terminated for publicizing the First family's insider details. To get back at them, she targetted Donald's daughter.

The ex-Director of Oval Office Operations told the press that the POTUS is embarrassed of Tiffany. Madeleine disclosed that Mr. Trump doesn't like to be pictured with his daughter because she is "overweight".

The doting father was quick to announce that these revelations are no way near to the truth. He loves his daughter very much and she is perfect to him. Unfortunately, the shot's been fired and it made people anticipate Tiffany's reaction.

Ice's been broken

Tiffany didn't give Madeleine the pleasure of getting under her skin. She avoided direct confrontation and updated the public in a very discreet way. Nope, there was no legal action taken, no names were called and no drama created.

The President's brave girl showed how she doesn't care what uninformed folks think of her. She added a quote of Rumi to her Instagram stories. One tweeter observed that it matches the background of Madeliene's harsh comment.

Through the narrative, she subtly took a jab at the former secretary who believes she knows the First daughter of America. Tiffany oozed confidence and high self-esteem. How classy of her!

Social media users admired Tiffany

It's a breath of fresh air that the people are actively rejecting negativity. Tiffany is beautiful in her own way, just like all other women and there can never be a measurement tape for that.