Elton John Is Glad His Kids Never Met His "Sociopath" Mother As She Would've Criticized Them Too

Date October 14, 2019

The mother and son, Sheila Farebrother and Elton John had a complicated relationship. She wasn't exactly homophobic but, still, was against his marriage to David Furnish.

As the singer recalls, his mom deliberately tried to ruin his wedding in 2005 by provoking his partner's parents. When that failed, Sheila attended the ceremony with a stony-face. Elton says she couldn't bear the thought of someone being more close to him than she was.

Farebrother passed in 2017 at the age of 92. She was not on speaking terms with Elton for nearly a decade. However, the mother did reconcile with him prior to her demise.

His kids dodged criticism

The legendary rockstar and his husband have two beautiful children together: Zachary, 8, and Elijah. Before her expiry, Shiela never got to meet her grandchildren. In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning which aired on October 13, Elton revealed it was for the better the kiddos never met their granny.

He explained why he thinks Zachary and Elijah are fortunate to not have an encounter with Sheila. Sir Elton John seemed to let out repressed anger as he said:

She never liked David. She never liked anybody. She never asked to see the children. But I’m glad they didn’t meet her because she would have criticized them like she criticized me. She couldn’t help herself, she’s a sociopath.

People have skeptical opinions

No one can truly estimate the dynamics of Elton's strained bond with his late mother. But, it is indeed a tragedy for both of them to have felt this way. Share this and sound off.