'Dancing With The Stars' Host Erin Andrews Was Slammed For "Hideous" Green Glittery Pants

Date October 23, 2019

TV personality Erin Andrews caused quite the stir recently when she proudly showed off her tone physique in a pair of glittering green pants.

Erin Andrews' green pants

The host of Dancing with the Stars stepped out in the shiny pants to co-host Monday night's edition of the show. She teamed this up with a chic black blouse and a gorgeous pair of shoes.

Her earrings beautifully matched her pants and she had her hair gathered in a simple ponytail.

Mean troll

Clearly, not everyone was happy about Erin's choice of clothing. However, one particular online user took things too far.

While commenting about the TV host's outfit, one Twitter user @marysmith77450 savagely commented:

Those are the most hideous baby green metal flake pants I have ever seen. Your bony hips protruding out and your bowlegged stance are not doing anything to make that ensemble any more attractive dear. Whomever let you wear that should be ashamed of themselves.

Erin Andrews' father was not about to sit back and take such an insult directed at his daughter.

Steve Andrews classily responded to 'Mary" calling her remark "classless."

Erin echoed her father's statement and added that she was thankful that her own parents taught her better than that.

Positive comments

It wasn't all hate for Erin Andrews' daring fashion choice, though. In fact, more people applauded her look.

They praised the TV personality's sense of fashion and urged her to ignore the negative replies.

It was pretty cool of Erin's dad to come out and defend his daughter after such a thing was said about her. And we have a feeling that Erin feels good enough about herself that she won't allow a troll to bring her down.

Love or hate it, the TV host exuded confidence in this outfit and her combination is as trendy as they come.

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