Fox News Anchor Harris Faulkner Says "It's A Blessing" To Raise Biracial Daughters But They Face Some "Beautiful Issues" Too

Date October 23, 2019 14:44

Award-winning Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner is famous for her thriving career and also her beautiful family.

Harris Faulkner's family

Harris Faulkner is married to Tony Berlin, another famous media personality. Together, the couple has two beautiful daughters Bella and Danika.

Harris, an award-winning journalist who hosts Outnumbered and Outnumbered Overtime, is always happy to share adorable snaps of her family, including her daughters.

Raising her children

The busy mom recently opened up to People about how she has managed to balance her successful shows and her family life.

She revealed that having those loved ones in her life is "beautiful" and being with someone who's religiously and racially different from her isn't so bad either.

She, however, admitted that with her biracial daughters about to become teenagers, they do face some peculiar challenges but she does what she can to provide guidance for them.

It’s all sorts of issues. Navigating a crush on a boy at school, and ‘Will they like me because I’m different?’

Harris also got candid about other problems having to do with her daughters' hair, appearance and so on.

It is the hair-texture thing: ‘Mom, I think I want to be curly for the pictures this year’ or ‘I want straight hair,’ and ‘Which do you think is more beautiful?' It’s a whole host of things you are dealing with that are, I think, beautiful issues, and challenging.

Having it all

Harris Faulkner seems to be one of those moms who have it all in terms of career and a happy family.

For many years, she had built herself a very impressive journalism career and she isn't stopping anytime soon. As for her family, this mother somehow manages to make time for them despite being hard at work on a regular basis.

She's basically a superwoman in every sense of the word and this is one of the many reasons her fans adore her. Of course, they also can't get enough of her super cute children too.

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