"Please Don't Let Me Die": Sir Elton John Emotionally Opens Up About Prostate Cancer And Severe Complications From Infection

Date October 7, 2019 15:07

Sir Elton John is prepared to release his highly-anticipated autobiography, titled Me. The A-lister's life story is joyously funny, all-honest, and moving, revealing the secrets and untold pains of one of the most enduringly successful singer/songwriter of all time.

One of the private matters that Elton John kept for a very long time is his health care, i.e., a cancer diagnosis. In the autobiography, the multiple Grammy-winning international singer opened up about his secret cancer battle and how he was laying one day from death with infection.

In a sensational must-read memoir, John revealed how a major infection following surgery for prostate cancer left him "24 hours from death." The singer, who was in intensive care for two days after complications, said he came round in hospital and sincerely prayed:

Please don't let me die – please let me see my kids again.

The high-profile star's brush with death came ten days after surgery for prostate cancer in 2017. While performing in Las Vegas, the singer started to harbor pain.

Later, doctors discovered a rare complication from the operation in which fluid was leaking from his lymph nodes.

When a routine colonoscopy shifted the fluid permanently, Elton John thought everything was back to normal, but after a while, he started feeling ill and "couldn't stop shaking" when touring in South America. He returned to the UK and was rushed to hospital after "feeling worse than I ever had in my life."

By 2.30 pm, I was on the operating table, having more lymphatic fluid drained – this time from my diaphragm. For two days afterwards, I was in intensive care.

It turned out that the British star caught a severe infection in South Africa, and he had to stay 11 days in the hospital, consuming plenty of antibiotics and other medications. The doctors told him he was 24 hours away from death, but thankfully, everything's in the past now.

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The publishing agency Macmillian is delighted to publish the British singer's first and only official book on October 15, 2019.