Martha Stewart's Husband Ended Their 26-Year Marriage After She Cheated On Him With A Stranger, According To A Biography

Date October 24, 2019 13:41

Everybody must have heard or read about Martha Stewart, but not everyone knows about her first husband. She is an American TV star and businesswoman, best known for hosting various cooking and lifestyle shows.

Aside from her thriving career and a vast fortune of $300 million and six-month imprisonment due to an alleged insider trading scandal back in 2004, her personal life hasn't been favorable either — Martha Stewart's husband reportedly ended their marriage after she betrayed him with another man.

According to some of her friends, Martha Stewart destroyed her 26-year marriage with her first husband, Andy Stewart, by cheating on him and maltreating him.

In 2014, Martha Steward candidly said she has never stopped looking for Mr. Right, but there is a reason why she's been single for decades. Biography author Jerry Oppenheimer asked dozens of her close pals and family members and put it all in the book, Just Desserts.

In an exclusive revelation on Mail Online, Oppenheimer claimed that the TV personality cheated on her first husband, and this situation destroyed Martha Stewart's marriage to Andy. In 1964, he graduated from Yale law school, and they went to Europe to celebrate such an occasion. In Florence, Italy, they met an Englishman. By the end of the night, Andy went to sleep, while Martha stayed with the stranger in the hotel bar.

Upset and angry, Andy went to bed alone, while Martha went off with her new friend. Long after midnight, she returned, claiming they had gone to midnight mass at the cathedral.

According to Just Desserts, her shameful actions that night "raised questions" in her first husband Andy about whether she really loved him.

Moreover, Stewart had a "hellish marriage of more than a quarter-century," during which she treated her spouse "shabbily.". The close insider recalled:

Her manner with Andy became the source of much stress and anxiety, and anger. She was constantly accusing him of being "dumb" or "stupid"... There were times when there was utter and complete tension and long hostility-filled silences between them that you could cut with a knife.

Their divorce was nasty but ended up 26 years later.

Martha Stewart and Andy Stewart's daughter Alexis has been on bad terms with her mother, too. According to manual Whateverland: Learning to Live Here, their child said her mother wasn't kid-loved and was leading a pretentious life.

Martha was not interested in being kid-friendly. She would hand me things right before Christmas and say, 'Now wrap these but don't look inside'.

It is not clear where a mother-daughter relationship stands by now.

Well, it seems like Martha Stewart's spouse, Andy Stewart, spent most of his life on someone who argued with no apparent reason and, moreover, reportedly cheated on him. Though she is deemed queen media, she barely treated her family greatly and appropriately.

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