Mark Wahlberg Is A Proud Father Of Four Children: Two Daughters And Two Sons That Look A Lot Like Him

Date September 11, 2019 12:05

Mark Wahlberg was known as a 'bad guy' because of his unfavorable past: the youngest of nine children, he rose from a life of childhood crime and drug abuse.

He had serious troubles with the law by the age 16, but later, the Hollywood actor vowed to rise above a life of crime and become a respectable individual when he sensed that he had hit rock bottom.

Since the time, The Departed star has been devoted to his acting career and family-of-six. Mark Wahlberg is the best husband to his wife Rhea Durham, and a doting father to four lookalike children, daughters Ella Rae and Grace Margaret, as well as sons Michael Robert and Brendan Joseph.

Noteworthy, Mark and Rhea got married In August 2009 after the eight-year relationship and welcomed three children — Ella, Michael, and Brendan — before the nuptials.

The Wahlbergs children admittedly look a lot like their handsome father: both daughters and sons resemble Mark pretty much, and it's safe to say it's a genetic jackpot!

However, it is necessary to admit that Ella, Michael, Brendan, and Grace have some similar facial traits, inherited by their stunning mother Rhea as well.

In the past, the 48-year-old was a rapper called Marky Mark, and it's not something he or his family is proud of. In an episode of Sunday Today, The Fighter star revealed his children are 'embarrassed' about his rapping past.

It’s fine for me. I don’t want to make their life any more difficult. My past is not their burden to bear.

Today, Mark Wahlberg has a decent and positive life, away from crimes or any kind of addiction. The high-profile actor just proved that most of the things depend on a person's decision to alter life to the core.