Tom Cruise's 21-Year-Old Son Connor Is Seen In A Rare Outing With His Famous Dad, Rocking Matching Outfits In London

Date October 14, 2019 13:50

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's adopted children, Connor and Isabella, have followed in their father's footsteps in Scientology, having forgotten their mother.

The 21-year-old has a luxurious life in Clearwater, Florida. At Scientology's spiritual headquarters, he is treated like royalty, having sports cars, private jets, and speedboats. Connor is also a successful DJ, whose nights are booked for performances at luxurious nightclubs in the United States.

Tom Cruse's son Connor made a very rare public appearance along with his father in London. On October 12, the Hollywood hunk was spotted with his young son in the capital of the UK, showing off some aviation basics.

Both men were dressed in casual garments for their weekend outing. Tom was seen in a hooded navy sweatshirt and jeans, whereas Connor matched his dad's look with a black sweater, and jeans, and sunglasses.

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Seeing Tom Cruise with any of his children is such a rare thing. Connor and Isabella are the closest to him as they both took their father's side in Scientology.