'Hawaii Five-0' Star Grace Park Was Snubbed By Producers And Had To Leave The Series After Failed Salary Negotiations

Date October 22, 2019 15:15

Hawaii Five-0 is an incredibly entertaining and popular investigative TV show. However, over the course of its 9 seasons, the series has seen many cast members (Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park, etc.) come and go, but why?

While every actor has their own reasons for departing the series, it was leaked why exactly Grace Park decided to say goodbye to Hawaii Five-0 after 7 years.

Why did Grace Park leave Hawaii Five-0?

In 2017, Grace Park left the famous CBS show but kept quiet about the reason for well over a year. When she finally talked about her departure with CinemaBlend, the actress gave a very rehearsed response:

There were a number of factors spanning the show that affected the non-renewal of my contract. I'm grateful for the lessons learned, but I chose what was best for my integrity. I know that people are always trying their best, and everyone's coming from their own backgrounds...Sometimes people are just really good at burying stuff, and I think I'm like that.

The publication, however, found out that the real reason both Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park decided against continuing with the show is failed salary negotiations.

It was disclosed that two of the main actors received raises after season 7, while the rest of the cast didn't.

In addition, Park was fuming after an executive producer reported that she left to spend more time with the family. As Grace told CinemaBlend:

The whole situation was just a bit too charged for me. I let him know, 'That wasn't cool that you made a statement on my behalf.'... I know he did it to be helpful, and I care about Peter as a person, but I didn't leave for that reason.

What's Grace Park up to these days?

Even though the actress left Hawaii Five-0 in the past, she's keeping busy these days. Park was cast in ABC drama A Million Little Things. The show is still airing and enjoying great ratings.

Are you watching Grace on A Million Little Things?