Elton John's Husband Battled Addiction As He Could Not Cope With The Singer’s Fame, According To His Memoir

Date October 22, 2019 09:40

Elton John husband David Furnish, struggled with addiction because he couldn’t cope with his partner’s fame, the Grammy-winning star revealed. In an extract of his memoir, Me Elton shared how David sought help.

John’s memoir

The international superstar is baring his heart to the world about numerous situations, pains, feuds, struggles, and many more in his memoir, titled Me. Elton’s first and only official autobiography details the British singer’s most exciting, shocking, and unexpected parts of his life on the paper.

It also includes health issues, his partner’s addiction, a broken relationship with his mother, and various situations regarding Princess Diana.

Struggle with fame

Elton John husband David Furnish checked himself into rehab following his struggle with addiction. The singer in his memoir, Me revealed that this was as a result of his partner not been able to cope with the fame.

David struggled to live in the public eye and had to deal with loneliness while Elton was away on tour. John in his new autobiography writes:

I always thought David had slipped into Elton John World with remarkable ease and confidence, but it turned out that a lot of things I was completely used to living with, that I just saw as a fact of life, made him completely anxious.

He didn’t like being photographed all the time or being under press scrutiny, or public speaking at [Elton John] AIDS Foundation events.

Since 1993, the award-winning singer has been with Furnish. They entered a civil partnership in 2005 and got married back in 2014 when gay marriage became legal.

How did Elton John meet his husband?

This Hollywood power couple has been together for over 30 years. The couple first met back in 1993 at a dinner in London.

Celebrities biographies always give an in-depth insight into their personal life. In fact, when you read the memoir you realize everybody has been through difficult struggles.

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