"I Have Great Faith, And I Know I Will See Him Again”: Marie Osmond Gets Candid About Coping With The Loss Of Her Son In A New Interview

Date October 4, 2019

The death of loved ones is usually the hardest to get over. This is what Marie Osmond must be feeling. The Talk co-host is getting candid about the passing of her son, Michael nearly a decade since his death.

Marie Osmond's son passed away

One of Marie Osmond's five adopted children, Michael Bryan died of an apparent suicide back in 2010. He jumped from the eighth floor of a building. Till now his tragic death still haunts his mother.

At the age of 12, Michael fell prey to substance abuse. He was checked into rehab and remained there until he became clean. Marie recalled how her fun and cute baby started having deep bouts of depression.

Coping with loss

Marie Osmond still grieving the loss of her then 19-year-old son. In a new interview, The Talk co-host opens up about how she is coping with the loss.

Speaking to PEOPLE, the veteran singer talked about how she found a way to live with the loss.

There is no joy in sorrow, but the joy is to be able to look at somebody who is going through it and tell them, You’ll be okay. You have to find a way to breathe again. Mine was my faith. I have great faith, and I know I will see him again.

Over the years, Marie has been open about her son’s previous struggles. However, the actress says she thinks a lot of the life Michael may have lived if he was still alive. She said:

When I see my children marrying and having families, I wonder where my son would be, if he’d be married or if he’d be a dad.

Fans share kind words with Marie

May Michael's soul continue to rest in peace. Share this and support his incredible mom.