'Fox News' Anchor Shepard Smith Quits After 23 Years Of Work, Following Criticism Of President Trump

Date October 14, 2019

After 23 years at Fox News, Shepard Smith a veteran news anchor has quit. This is following criticism of US President Donald Trump.

Born in Mississippi, Smith is a broadcast journalist who joined the channel back in 1996. He is known for as the former chief anchor and managing editor of the cable’s breaking news segment.

He used to host Fox News' evening newscast, The Fox Report with Shepard Smith, and Studio B.

Goodbye to Fox News

On Friday, Shepard Smith announced that he is leaving the cable network after 23 years. Smith, who is a vocal critic of Trump’s administration, made the statement on air at the end of Shepard Smith Reporting show.

The veteran anchor in his farewell message hopes that “the truth will always matter.” He said:

Even in our currently polarized nation, it’s my hope that the facts will win the day, that the truth will always matter, that journalism and journalists will survive.

Smith’s departure is coming after attacks by Trump on the network following the coverage of his administration. Since Fox News was launched in 1996, Shepard has been with the cable network.

His announcement took many by surprise most especially his colleagues.

This is what social media users had to say

We wish Shepard Smith all the best with his future endeavors. He would surely be missed in the journalism world.