Patti Labelle Speaks About Painful Loss Of Her 3 Sisters Due To Cancer And Regrets She Didn't Fulfil One Simple Request

Date August 12, 2019

Patti LaBelle is a successful singer, actress, and entrepreneur. With all the fame and great career that spanned over decades, Patti has dealt with some painful losses.

Patti Labelle Speaks About Painful Loss Of Her 3 Sisters Due To Cancer And Regrets She Didn't Fulfil One Simple RequestGetty Images / Ideal Image

The singer got candid in an interview about how she lost her sisters to cancer and that one regret which haunts her.

Her tragic loss

Patti LaBelle lost all three of her sisters to cancer within a few years. Vivian Hogan Rogers, Patti’s eldest sister died of lung cancer at the age of 43. Then her second sister, Barbara Holte Purifoy, passed away after her battle with colon cancer at 40.

Not long after that, LaBelle’s younger sister, Jacqueline Holte Padgett, died of lung cancer. She passed at the same age of their eldest sister, Vivian. She dedicated her album, Burnin to Jacqueline.

Not fulling her sister’s last request

The death of each of Patti’s sisters was very painful for the singer. The one she struggled with the most was her youngest sister, Jacqueline.

The award-winning singer opening up about the loss on Oprah’s Master Class said she regrets not fulfilling Jacqueline’s simple request.

She said:

Jackie, the day before she died, she asked me to make her egg sandwich. I had just gotten off the road. I said to my aunt, Hattie Mae, tell her I’ll make it tomorrow.

Sadly, Jacqueline passed the following day. The singer had called to her sister know she was bringing the sandwich when she got the sad news.

Decades after her death, LaBelle is still haunted by the incident. Patti said:

I held that, and I still hold it. It was such a minor thing for me just to make a sandwich because she loved the way I cooked. I miss my sister Jackie like crazy.

Patti LaBelle remembers late sisters in a touching way

The popular singer is using her powerful vocals to honor the memory of her loved ones she has lost to lung cancer. The Grammy-award winner in partnership with the American Lung Association’s used her voice to raise awareness about lung cancer in women.

It must be so hard for Patti LaBelle to deal with the loss of her three sisters. But they keep living in her heart.