Chef Jean-Christophe Novelli Shares His 3-Year-Old Son Was Diagnosed With Developmental Disorder After Cancer Battle

Date October 14, 2019

In 2016, Celebrity chef Jean-Christophe Novelli shared devastating news with his fans. Novelli’s 8-week-old son, Valentino, was diagnosed with a rare childhood disease.

Jean-Christophe and his wife, Michelle, were so happy to welcome the baby boy into their family but just weeks after his birth, they found a lump on his neck, which turned out to be Neuroblastoma cancer.

Luckily, Valentino fought through the disease but now he has been diagnosed with another health condition.

A new challenge

At 3, little Valentino has already fought stage four of Neuroblastoma cancer. Sadly, the little one is facing another health challenge.

Hell's Kitchen star and his wife revealed that a year after going into remission, their son has just been diagnosed with autism.

The family has been witnessing worrying signs for quite a while now. The little boy has issues with speech development and hasn’t even said “Mommy” or “Daddy” yet.

Nonetheless, after the cancer fight, the family is happy that Valentino is with them at all. Jean-Christophe commented:

When Michelle told me he has severe autism I just thought ‘thank f***, at least he’s alive.

The celebrity chef praised the National Health Service for saving his son’s life and for helping other children with cancer. In 2017, the Novelli family was told that Valentino’s cancer is in remission so the worst is behind the little boy.