One Of The Best Father-Daughter Duos In History! Marlo Thomas Sweetly Sings With Dad Danny Hit Song “Wherever I Go”

Date September 30, 2019 16:54

Danny Thomas was known by many as a singer in the 1953’s hit sitcom Make Room for Daddy. But he was a loving father in real life, too.

Danny had a very special relationship with his children, especially his daughter Marlo. They were not just close - Danny was Marlo’s best friend, her adviser, and her mentor.

When she grew up and became an actress herself, her father was there to support and guide her. The Thomas pair even performed together, which was a pleasure for many fans to watch.

Father-daughter duo

Marlo Thomas gained fame after appearing as Ann Marie in ABC’s hit show That Girl. Marlo’s father helped her to prepare for the role, being a huge inspiration for her.

Danny himself appeared in 2 episodes of the series. He played a priest in My Sister’s Keeper and guest-starred again in Those Friars where he performed Wherever I Go In a sweet duo with his daughter.

Check out their powerful performance below:

Danny was not only a great singer but he was also a skillful songwriter. He once wrote a song for his newborn granddaughter, Dionne, which is incredibly heartwarming.

What a talented family the Thomases were!