Penny Lancaster Breaks Down In Tears As She Speaks About Rod Stewart’s Cancer Battle

Date October 11, 2019

Rod Stewart is no stranger to a battle with cancer. Back in 2000, he was diagnosed with this horrible disease and almost lost his voice in the fight with it. But he won, eventually.

Sadly, cancer returned in 2016. Yet, the legendary singer kept his diagnosis in secret and has been battling the illness for the past 3 years.

Recently, Stewart finally opened up about his health issues but assured his fans that he fought off cancer again. Nonetheless, the recovery process was very difficult not only for him but for his family, too.

Rod’s wife spoke out about his diagnoses

Penny Lancaster got extremely emotional when she talked about Rod Stewart's battle with an 'aggressive' form of prostate cancer.

The former model broke down in tears as she shared the moment when the British star discovered his diagnosis. She said:

Rod had a few symptoms. It started moving quite quickly, the results, the numbers. They said we best do a rectal exam. It's the only way. And they did find a lump. Then it was like, 'okay we can't ignore this.’

Penny, unable to stop her tears, continued:

We got the shock news it was cancer. We looked at the different ways of dealing with it. It was [quite aggressive]. It came on really quickly.

Luckily, they found out about cancer in early stages and, after a long battle, Stewart received the all-clear in July. Lancaster has her own fair share of health issues as well.

At 46, Penny was diagnosed with dyslexia. Rod stood by her side, supporting her and boosting her confidence and she was there for him, too, throughout his cancer journey.