Long-Awaited Rain Arrives In Australia But It Isn’t Enough To Put Out Fires

Date January 17, 2020 19:08

Australia has experienced one of the most terrible natural disasters. The bushfires have done a lot of damage to people’s home and animals’ natural habitats – but all of it is replaceable, the lives that were engulfed by flames are not.

At least 23 people won’t return to hug their loved ones and millions of animals won’t get back to nature. Australia’s fires had been destroying everything on their way while we kept praying for rain and it looks like our prayers have been finally heard!

Australia is expecting more rain

Australia is in the news again but this time with severe thunderstorms. It’s good news, right? Well. Yes and no.

Heavy rain might bring new problems to the country:

  • if it continues, it can cause flooding in some areas;
  • trees that were weakend by massive blazes are at risk of falling down;
  • rain can carry ashes from the flames into water.

While rain helped to put down some wildfires in Australia, it still isn’t enough. Over 80 fires are still terrorizing the country. Nonetheless, many residents are ready to celebrate even the smallest drizzle.

The rain is expected to continue its course throughout the rest of the week but Australian forecasters warn the nation about a Tropical Cyclone which can quickly turn into another dangerous force.

Social media users welcome rain

Australia has definitely suffered enough. While the brave Australian firefighters do everything they can to put down the remaining blazes, we can’t help but feel relieved that the rain is finally here to help. Let’s just hope it won’t turn into another disaster.

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