"Top Chef" Judge Tom Colicchio Is A Top Dad To Three Beautiful Sons And They All Look Just Like Him

Date August 19, 2019 17:30

Tom Colicchio is a famous celebrity chef who rose to fame after being a judge on two big cookery TV shows, Top Chef and Best New Restaurant.

Thanks to his culinary talent and incredible screen presence, Colicchio has appeared on many other shows as well. Tom is also a co-founder of the Gramercy Tavern in New York.

Colicchio has reached a great success in the career field but not many know that he is also an amazing father.

Top dad

The 57-year-old is raising three children, sons Mateo, Dante, and Luka. Dante is Tom’s son from his previous relationship with his then-girlfriend.

Mateo and Luka are the youngest, they are Colicchio’s kids from his marriage to a filmmaker, Lori Silverbush. Even though Tom appears very tough and unforgiving on TV, he is a big softy in real life.

Silverbush says she splits parenting duties with her famous husband 50-50 and notes that Colicchio is a great dad. She said:

He’s not one of those dads where you worry he’s going to bathe the baby in boiling water. He’s got it under control.

Despite having a busy schedule, Tom always finds time for his children. Being his own boss allows the celebrity chef to make sure he is available for his sons as much as possible.

He comments:

Luka and I spend mornings together. We sit on the couch and play guitar.

Previously, Tom candidly shared he wished he was a better father for his eldest son as he was very busy when Dante was growing up.

Now, Colicchio is learning on his own mistakes and tries to be with his children every step of the way.