51-Year-Old Founder Of Gay Conversion Therapy Came Out As Gay Himself While Still Being Married To His Wife

Date September 11, 2019 16:40

McKrae Game is known for being the founder of the largest gay conversion therapy program in South Carolina back in 1999. It was aimed at suppressing or changing a person's LGBTQ+ sexuality.

During his sessions, Game preached that being gay will send someone to hell. At that time, McKrae was a married man. He tied the knot with his wife Julie in 1996 and they have 2 children together.

For 20 years, the 51-year-old was a leader of the homophobic organization. But not long ago he shocked the entire world when he came out as gay himself.

But why did he hide the truth?

During an episode of Tamron Hall, Game opened up about his decision to reveal the truth about his sexuality to the public after spending two decades of shaming and harming queer people.

He said:

I snapped out of it. That’s the phrase I use.

McKrae continued by explaining why he had been hiding his true self for so many years:

I gave 28 years of my life of repressing my homosexuality, not understanding and not knowing really what it’s like to be able to just simply accept who I am.

Game admitted that repressing his natural sexuality caused him mental illness. He claims he had suffered from chronic anxiety for years and now it’s gone.

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What do you think about it? Does McKrae deserve forgiveness for his actions?