28 Amazing Years Together! Sarah Jessica Parker Reveals A Secret Of Happy Marriage With Matthew Broderick

Date October 25, 2019 10:16

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have kept their relationship strong for 28 years and counting. What’s a secret of their happy marriage? The actress reveals the ‘mystery’.

Who is Sarah Jessica Parker married to?

Sarah Jessica Parker’s personal life has nothing in common with that of her iconic character from Sex and the City. While Carrie Bradshaw bounced from one partner to another, the actress is happily married to one man for almost 3 decades.

Fans often wonder: ‘Are Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick still married?’ The answer is ‘Yes’. They are married and raise three wonderful children: twin daughters and one son.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have an inspiring love story which led to a beautiful wedding. There is a funny thing about their ceremony. The actors didn’t tell anyone they were going to tie the knot that day. All guests had no idea what format they would attend until they visited the event itself.

As a bride, Sarah proved her unique sense of style again. For her wedding, the actress wore a chic little black dress instead of the traditional gown. The happy newlyweds definitely had all eyes on them during the big day.

Secret of a happy marriage

During her guest appearance on a TV show The Project, Sarah revealed her secret of the healthy and lasting marriage with Broderick.

The actress said:

I'm sure I'm annoying and, you know, there are times that he annoys me, and that's what makes it interesting!

Sarah added:

I like him and I admire him, and I'm hopeful our marriage can weather this experiment.

We all should learn a lesson or two on how to keep happy relationship with our partners from one of the most lasting Hollywood couples, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick.

We wish the spouses to keep their marriage strong for many long years and never lose that unique bond they share!

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