Glowing Kris Jenner Showcases Her Perfect Curves In A Spectacular White Swimsuit On Vacation In Italy

Date August 14, 2019 15:31

Kris Jenner displayed her perfect figure while on a family vacation in Italy. The 63-year-old reality star wowed the crowd as she changed one fantastic swimsuit for another.

Kris Jenner enjoys her family vacation

Kris Jenner decided to take a break from her busy celebrity daily routine and went on a family vacation to Italy with her loved ones.

The Jenner family rented a gorgeous $240 million yacht for the birthday celebration. Well, the reality stars know how to party!

During the vacation, Kris Jenner didn’t forget to share spectacular photos on her Instagram. The family matriarch changed a ton of jaw-dropping summer outfits.

The 63-year-old star displayed her athletic shape and perfect curves as she changed one stunning swimsuit for another.

Forever-young Kris looks like an angel in this majestic white gown.

Fans go crazy about Kris’ spectacular outfits

@ carolebayersager

Love how great you look x

@ nay.paixao.la

My wish is not to be like ur daughters, its to be like you Kris! You are an icon and spiring life person! 💝🙏

@ linakeshishian_

Girl ur looking fabulous🔥

@ easton_xo

Hot mama 🔥❤️

@ xelisabethleex

Beautiful 🔥

Age, indeed, has no power over some women. Kris Jenner is just this case!