Granny Loves You! Paula Deen Celebrates The 1st Birthday Of Her Adorable Triplet Grandchildren

Date October 10, 2019

Paula Deen is over the moon and wants to share her great joy with fans. Her precious triplets grandchildren celebrate their first ever birthday. Hurrah!

Happy birthday, little cuties!

Paula Deen is a proud grandmother of five adorable grandkids. The popular cook show host gushes every time when she speaks about her big and happy family.

Today, Paula’s youngest grandkids celebrate their 1st birthday. Paula’s youngest son Bobby and his wife Claudia found out they expected triplets in 2018. Though Claudia’s pregnancy was high-risk, and she had to spend many weeks at the hospital, she gave birth to two healthy girls and one boy.

They named the girls Olivia Maria and Amelia Ann, and the boy was named Linton.

On her grandkids’ first birthday, Paula Deen shared a sweet post on Instagram featuring the triple cuties with their parents.

The proud granny wrote:

I can't believe these three gorgeous babies are a year old today. Where does the time go? Guinny loves her little fighters!

Fans congratulate the birthday kids

@ marysanchez2706

Happy birthday little ones 🎂🎂🎉🎉🎉🎁🎁🎁

@ chelleonwheels67

Oh how precious! I have 10 year old identical twin nephews and they bring such joy to our lives. Happy Birthday to these precious little ones.💙🎉🎂

@ jings_003.

Happy birthday! Beautiful babies. ❤️💖💖

@ carolynallesmatthews

Happy birthday to the beautiful trifecta!

@ angelgrl77

Happy Birthday to those precious little babies!!! 🎂🎈

These little angels won our hearts! Our warmest wishes to the triplets on their birthday! Grow up happy and healthy!