'Spider Man' Star Goes Bald! Tom Holland Chops Off His Luscious Hair & Debuts An Extreme Haircut

Date October 9, 2019 15:47

Tom Holland is the youngest actor to ever play the heroic character of Spider-Man. In the movie's Homecoming sequel, he swung his way among the Hollywood A-listers and also into our hearts.

It's only fair we keep an eye on any update about the 23-year-old heart-throb. His latest style is sure to drop low at least a few jaws due to utter shock.

Talent-wise, Tom has earned our favor greatly. His comedic timing, swoon-worthy accent, and acrobatic stunts have charmed watchers across the globe. His performance in the debut film, The Impossible created intense Oscar-buzz too. The audiences are witnessing the making of a huge superstar. So, let's not blink!

Showing off a shaven head

Over the last few years, the young artist has carried a sleek and luscious haircut. His signature look incorporates a wavy dimension to his brunette locks. Many of us think it's the best style he could pull off. Wrong! Tom's personality can manage to shine even through extreme fashion blunders.

The Avengers star decided to release a candid video of him and his dad hanging out together. In the footage, he flaunted his new buzz-cut which was millimeters away from being referred to as bald. Tom's shaven head didn't strike as odd as it may on anybody else.

Fans think he's rocking it

Do you think it suits Holland? Or maybe it was a total disaster? The commentators have already given their vote. It's time you cast yours!