Kate Hudson Is Over The Moon With Pride In Cute Video Of 1-Year-Old Daughter Rani Rose Walking Towards Her

Date October 14, 2019 14:19

On October 2nd, little Rani Rose celebrated her first birthday and fans and family couldn't be more excited.

Rani Rose is the daughter of actress Kate Hudson and longtime boyfriend, Danny Fujikawa. Kate has shared many photos of her adorable baby and her followers simply just can't get enough.

A newly posted video clip gave the actress' fans one more reason to go "aaaw."

Rani walking

Kate Hudson is never too shy to post great updates of her growing kid so fans were thrilled when they got to see a truly momentous milestone for the child.

The proud mom posted a short clip she took of Rani taking her first steps as she walked towards her mother.

The 40-year-old actress can be heard off-camera excitedly saying "come to mama, come to mama" as she holds the camera. And a super adorable Rani coos and chats as she takes a few steps towards her mom.

When Rani reached Kate, the gleeful mama exclaimed "Good girl!" While posting the video, the actress shared the caption:

Walking into Friday with Snake…. #TGIF #AndShesOff.

Even though Rani is her third, this must surely be an exciting moment for the actress who is also mom to 15-year-old Ryder and 8-year-old Bingham.

A true cutie

Fans of the actress couldn't help but drop comments for the adorable Rani.


Booooo boooo Love so much.


So cute.


She’s adorable and great onesie.


So sweet. Love her little shirt.

Now that Rani is such a pro on her feet, it's only a matter of time before she starts running, climbing and exploring her world in a brand new way.

Let's hope Kate will continue to give us more adorable updates on some of this little one's awesome milestones.