A Mother's Joy: Pink Shares Heart-Melting Mommy Moment In Which 2-Year-Old Son Jameson Welcomes Her Back Home With Hugs And Flowers

Date October 9, 2019 16:28

Parenthood can be tough sometimes. But there are certain moments that make it all worth it. And seeing the joy on your child's face as you return from work or a trip is of them.

Pink and Carey's Hart's adorable children have been melting hearts all over the internet. The couple often shares updates about Willow and Jameson, two kids who apparently have their parents' unconditional love.

Jameson, who will be turning 3 in December, is a particularly sweet boy and his proud mom recently posted a great example of this.

Welcome back, mom

Pink recently posted a video on her Instagram of the moment Jameson came out to greet her upon returning from her Beautiful Trauma World Tour.

The Just Give Me a Reason singer drove back home with husband Carey and as they arrived, Jameson came up to them in the vehicle with a surprise.

In the video which was recorded by Carey, Jameson picked up her son who happened to be bearing gifts. The excited boy gave his mom a bunch of flowers and a big hug to welcome her back home.

The cutie excitedly announced:

Mama, I got you flowers.

As he was greeted by Carey, Jameson told him he had flowers for his dad as well. Just hearing the sound of the happy little boy and his adoring parents is enough to make anyone's day.

In the caption, the proud mom wrote:

Happy homecoming. Spider-Man and flowers.

Fans can relate

From the comment section, it was pretty clear that Pink's fans were touched by this video.


Nothing better!


OMGGGGGG!!!!!!!! He is the most adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Omg he is sooooo cute.


How precious is that,n the adorable smile at the end, very proud little man. Thanks for sharing.

Being away from your kids can be tough sometimes. But coming home to an excited child after some time apart is nothing short of blissful.

It may not be much, but Jameson's homecoming gift to his parents is definitely too special for words. Pink must feel so lucky.