Blonder And Shorter: Julianne Hough Debuts Fabulous And Edgy Hairstyle Proving She's Not Afraid To Cut More Hair And Fans Approve

Date September 19, 2019

Julianne Hough is one of those stars who somehow manage to always look good no matter what. Her fashion and hairstyles have been a source of inspiration for many. So much so that some may wonder how she does it.

While her clothing styles can be easily recreated, we may need some cheatsheet to understand her hair secrets. The good news is that Julianne isn't afraid to share some of them.

In an interview with WhatToWear, Julianne revealed that her main tip is to find products that protect her hair from damage of heat styling, sun exposure, and other environmental factors.

The goal is that, if you want to experiment with your hairstyle, don't forget the basics, which is that you need to keep that hair healthy.

A bold new do

Just to prove to her fans that this is a tip that always works, Julianne recently shared snaps of her gorgeous-looking blond hair. But this time around, it was shorter and much edgier than some of her fans are used to.

Sure, she's no stranger to short and eye-catching hairdos, she decided to show everyone that she doesn't mind going even shorter with this look. And people were impressed.


Fans of the star had nothing but great things to say about her hair and overall look.

@daniel_daa wrote, "You are Amazing." And @the_sa17 agreed, posting "Looking awesome."

@lilman2372 approved as well.

Absolutely stunning!!!

Well done to Julianne for absolutely killing it with this look. Is it a favorite of yours?