“Best News Ever!” Country Singer Cam And Husband Adam Weaver Are Expecting Their First Child And Fans Are Happy For Them

Date October 16, 2019 12:38

Country singer Cam and Adam Weaver’s family of two is finally becoming three after three years of marriage!

Cam and Adam’s long-distance relationship

Cam and her business broker husband first got engaged in September 2015. They tied the knot in October 2016 in an intimate, small desert ceremony in California and have been together ever since.

Like most marriages, Adam and Cam’s union isn’t without its challenges. Given the busy touring schedule of the 34-year-old Grammy-nominated singer, the couple has to deal with long-distance from time to time.

While it is difficult, the lovebirds have been able to find a way to make it work for them. While speaking to PopCulture, Cam admitted that their strong foundation of friendship helps make it easier to be away. Also, they communicate with a lot of FaceTime.

However, they have a particular long-distance strategy that helps their union.

"We have a time limit. You find out how long you can go before the fights start getting really bad, and you keep it a little shorter than that."

Cam and Adam are expecting!

After three years of marriage, Cam and Adam are about to become new parents! The 'Fall Madly in Love with You' crooner and her husband shared the exciting news with a video on Instagram.

The clip began with Adam asking his woman if she was ready to spill the tea, after which Cam said:

"We've been keeping a secret to ourselves for the past seven months. We feel like it's time to let you guys in on it."

Afterward, the gaze shifted to Cam, who was excitedly rubbing her giant baby bump and dancing with joy!

Congratulations pour in!


“😭😭 Congratulations to both of you. You’re gonna be the greatest parents. I can’t wait to meet the lil babe!”


“Congrats!!! ❤️🐺”


“Omg!! Best news EVER! Congrats sweeties!❤️❤️😁”


“Yay!!! So happy for you!!!”

Having a child is always a blessing! Congratulations to Cam and Adam on their growing family. We sure can’t wait for the gender reveal party!