Rula Lenska Celebrates Her 72nd Birthday And Still Manages To Turn Heads With Her Age-Defying Beauty

Date September 30, 2019

Rula Lenska is one actress whose name will forever go down in history. She gained prominence for her role as Q in the British Series ‘Rock Follies.’

Rula’s parents came into the United Kingdom as refugees, carrying her and her two sisters along.

After her role as Q, the Polish actress rose to fame in adverts for the hair product Alberto VO5.

The commercial was aired in the United States, and that was the ground-breaking moment for her. She has starred in movies such as ‘Alfie Darling,’ ‘Royal Flash,’ ‘Queen Kong’ and many more.

Lenska is 72 years old!

Today, Rula turned 72 years old, and she doesn’t look like she has aged a bit.

Her bright red hair still sparkles, and her skin remains silky and smooth. It is hard to tell that she has spent over two decades on earth.

Even though Lenska is a fan of makeup, her natural beauty, no doubt, shines through. In 2006, she participated in Celebrity Big brother and made it known that she practiced Tibetan Buddhism for many years.

Fans congratulate her

Congratulations to Rula on turning 72 and keeping her beauty! She is, indeed, a phenomenal woman!