Kelly Ripa Recounts Burdensome Mammogram Experience That Left Her Asking: “Why Am I A Woman?”

Date September 25, 2019 16:49

While mammograms are a necessary health procedure for every woman, it has been discovered that the experience is more stressful than cancer itself.

Kelly Ripa Recounts Burdensome Mammogram Experience That Left Her Asking: “Why Am I A Woman?”Yuganov Konstantin / Shutterstock.com

According to WebMD, mammograms induce stress, especially for women with a history of cancer in the family or personally.

It even gets worse for cancer survivors because the process "triggers distressing memories of prior cancers"

Kelly’s onerous experience

During the Tuesday segment of ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan,’ the co-host spent a whopping six minutes describing her recent mammogram because the experience was so burdensome.

She explained that she was already behind her dinner schedule while undergoing the procedure and had to bend in an awkward position to text her husband to help out.

Then she proceeded to demonstrate the procedure on co-star Ryan Seacrest’s chest and used her hand to squeeze his pec. Recalling, she said:

“There’s not so much for them to work with, so literally, my face is smashed in the glass. … And then she goes, ‘And hold your breath. And breathe. … And hold your breath again.’ And I’m like, ‘Why am I a woman?’”

Fans react

Many internet users could relate to Kelly’s struggles.

@Jean Ranck advised:

“My first mammogram found my breast cancer. It’s worth a little pain to have a mammogram. Please, don’t be afraid.”

@Marie Aldrich wrote:

“It’s the main reason I will never get one.”

@Nancy Müther noted:

“She said she has one every year. Guidelines are every other now! Unless there is a scary history! Too many false positives.”

Regardless of the challenges involved in Mammograms, we can ascertain the pros outweighs the cons. Hopefully, Kelly focuses on that during her next appointment.