Jackie Kennedy's Last Days Disclosed By Close Friend Carly Simon: She Was "Ravishing" And "Beautiful"

Date October 24, 2019

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was the widow of former President John F. Kennedy. She was an iconic figure in US political history.

Jacqueline Kennedy, who was popularly referred to as Jackie Kennedy passed away in 1994 due to cancer of the lymphatic system. She was 64 years old when she died.

Jackie Kennedy's last days

25 years after Jackie's death, singer Carly Simon opened up about what Jackie's final moments were like.

In an interview with NBC, 74-year-old Carly, who was a close friend of Jackie's, gave an emotional interview where she remembered the former FLOTUS in her final moments.

Speaking to NBC, Carly said:

It’s seared in my brain what she looked like. She was so ravishing, and wearing this little handkerchief scarf, paisley scarf on her head, and looking so beautiful and so regal and so finally at home.

Carly, famous for her hit song You're So Vain, once shared a strong friendship with Jackie. In her new book Touched by the Sun: My Friendship with Jackie, the singer-songwriter gave more details about her and Jackie's special connection.

She wrote that even though she and Jackie had different backgrounds and experiences, they somehow managed to forge a friendship that would go on to last the final decade of the former First Lady's life.

Jackie Kennedy's clothes

Jackie's death greatly affected her two children Caroline and John. Her demise also meant they had to sort out her estate and other possessions afterward, including her clothes.

In the book America’s Reluctant Prince: The Life of John F. Kennedy Jr. by Steven M. Gillon, designer Valentino Garavani once approached John to ask about what happened to all the clothes he made for Jackie over the years.

Evidently, John and Caroline had chosen to give the clothes away to a convent as they said they couldn't bear walking down the street and seeing someone wearing their late mother's clothes.

Jackie Kennedy's Last Days Disclosed By Close Friend Carly Simon: She Was "Ravishing" And "Beautiful"Getty Images / Ideal Image

Jackie Kennedy's name is one that will never be forgotten. She was the brave widow who forged on amidst intense scrutiny after her husband, the president was killed. Years later, she moved on but still remain quite the icon for those who kept track of her.

And from the revelations made by Carly, she was a beauty who stayed graceful till the very end.

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