Keira Knightley Is Sharing Her Second Child's Name Weeks After Choosing To Keep The Baby's Birth A Private Family Matter

Date October 23, 2019 17:42

Actress Keira Knightley has become a mom for the second time. And nearly two months after the little one arrived, she's sharing details about her baby.

Keira Knightley's motherhood experience

While speaking to Independent in January, the actress opened up about her experience with being a mother.

She spoke about raising her daughter Edie and admitted that being a mother isn't always easy. She also added that women don't get enough credit for what they do.

She went on to say that admitting motherhood is tough doesn't mean she loves her child any less but it's okay to talk about such challenges as sleep deprivation, hormonal changes, and other aspects moms have to cope with.

Baby number 2

Nearly two months after Keira welcomed her second child, she's opening up about her baby's name.

At the time the baby was born, the actress chose to keep the birth a private family matter and it wasn't until weeks later that she announced she had given birth. And now, nearly two months after the baby arrived, she's giving more details.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Keira Knightley revealed that her baby is a girl and that her name is Delilah.

Keira and her husband James, whom she has been married to since 2013, usually prefer to keep the details of their personal life fairly private.

However, she now talks about how she's been coping with being a mother of two. She said she planned to take 6-month maternity leave but due to the premiere of her film Official Secrets which comes in the middle of her leave, she has had to make some changes to her plans.

As a result, she decided she has no choice but to pump her breastmilk so that her baby's feeding will not be affected.

Congratulations to the star

Many fans of the actress have congratulated her on the arrival of her newborn.

Now that Keira is a mother of two, things are bound to change in her home. But it sounds like she has it all covered and can handle whatever comes her way.

She sure deserves applause for juggling parenting and a thriving acting career. Kudos to her.

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