"Princess' Double!!" Peter Andre Posts Childhood Pic And Fans Notice He's The Carbon Copy Of His Daughter At That Age

Date October 1, 2019

Peter Andre has a beautiful family. And thankfully, the proud dad doesn't mind sharing pictures of his adorable kids on his social media account.

His 12-year-old daughter Princess is particularly fascinating. She made headlines a few months ago when her famous dad revealed that she asked him is he would allow her to go on the show Love Island.

Speaking on Loose Women, the singer said he was surprised by his daughter's request but gathered himself well enough to inform her that he would only let her go if they "start doing Love Island on priests and nuns."

From the way Peter talked about Princess, you can guess they have a close relationship. And we'd like to think this is based on their striking resemblance to each other.

For a while, fans of the singer have commented about how much alike he and Princess looked. But the biggest proof came recently when Peter posted a throwback photo that left some people pleasantly surprised.

A few weeks ago, Peter shared a childhood snap of himself - where he looked super adorable by the way - and gave some back-to-school advice.

In his caption, he addressed kids returning to school, saying:

Always be you, be brave, speak out, be yourself.

He also advised them to speak up of they see someone being bullied and offer support.

While his message was important, fans just couldn't get past the throwback pic and they shared comments about how much he looked like a younger version of Princess.

@bonetti_bella_casa wrote:

Wow I can really see your daughter in that pic

@mrs_forrest_kaliczak felt the same way, writing, "Princess' double!!" and @lostbabe44 commented:

Princess is your double and wat a lil cutie you were.

@kezdubs was amazed too.

Wow it’s like looking at Princess with dark hair!

Clearly, Princess got her looks from her dad. And it was really cool to see a solid proof of that.