Alec Baldwin Shamelessly Drops His Pants To Display His Incredible Weight Loss On 'Tonight Show'

Date October 22, 2019 13:50

When Alec Baldwin found out about his pre-diabetic diagnosis last May, he decided to change his lifestyle. The actor shared that he completely gave up sugar which allowed him to lose 30 pounds in 4 months. However, it’s not the only compound of Alec Baldwin’s weight loss.

The actor also revealed he does Pilates and spin. Recently, Baldwin found the best way to show off his new figure, shocking many TV viewers.

Alec Baldwin shows off his hot bod

Now we know how did Alec Baldwin lose weight but how his body looks like now? Well, the actor decided to quench the curiosity thirst and display it in its beauty.

The 61-year-old made a memorable appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where he stood up and made a very bold move – pulled his pants down.

Before dropping his pants, he said:

You want to see how much weight I've lost? My pants don't even fit me anymore.

The show’s host couldn’t stop laughing but when he finally managed to collect himself and check Baldwin out, he noted that the actor looks ‘fantastic.’

People’s reactions

@Lilja Einarsdóttir:

Love him

@Tamera Williamson:

Nice legs!

@Lacey Connell:

With how his wife looks and constantly exercises I was kind of shocked before when he was overweight!

@Genya Fountain Mazzaccaro:

He is to be in shape to run after soon to be 5 little kids!

After dropping his pants, Baldwin added that he did it especially for Jimmy Fallon and ‘wouldn't do it for any other show’ but we have a feeling that it was a little fib.

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