Incredible Sand Artist Dedicates Her Final Sand And Snow Story On BGT Final To Princess Diana, And Wins People's Hearts

Date October 8, 2019

Kseniya Simonova is a sand animation artist, the 2009 winner of the TV contest Ukraine’s Got Talent, which is part of the Got Talent series. She is a performance artist in sand animation, graphic artist, illustrator, film director and a philanthropist.

Amazing tribute to Princess Diana

The woman creates beautiful and touching stories with just sand and her hands. She is the most viewed sand artist on the Internet.

She won Golden Buzzer while performing at America Got Talent and Britain Got Talent. She finished both shows in 3rd place and feels absolutely proud of it!

Although Kseniya didn't win the show, she has won people's hearts all over the world.

One of her most moving performances was a tribute she paid to Princess Diana during BGT final.

Using her sand art, Kseniya perfectly captured the life and influence of Princess Diana. It included several emotive and recognizable moments — from a young Prince William and Harry to a hospital visit.

Her art impressed all the judges with Simon Cowel saying:

“It was absolutely beautiful, heartfelt. It will live forever. What you do is extraordinary. I mean, genuinely.”

Fans' reaction

Many of those at home said they were 'sobbing' over the emotional tribute and called her as the winner.

Kseniya makes people tear up with her emotional stories and this deserves even more than just 1st place on the show! She won our hearts and we believe it's the best gift ever!