Marc Anthony Passionately Performs To Honor His "Dear Brother" José José While Receiving Special Award At 2019 Latin AMA

Date October 18, 2019 13:25

Marc Anthony was honored with the International Artist Award of Excellence and dedicated it to the late Prince of the Song, "my dear brother" Jose Jose, to whom he also paid tribute performing the Mexican Almohada classic.

“He has conquered the world singing salsa, merengue, bolero and pop. Today, he’s at a global level,”

Marc's incredible performance

Mexican actress Kate del Castillo said before calling the salsa singer onstage.

“Thank you, I would rather sing than talk, but I have to say that this doesn't happen in one day. We’ve been at this for almost 30 years,”

- Marc kicked off his speech.

“I need to thank Magnus, Sony, my family and my children who have sacrificed so much. Thank you, Puerto Rico and the Latin culture. I also want to dedicate this award to my dear brother, Jose Jose.”

Jose Jose was a Mexican music icon who began his musical career in his early teens playing guitar and singing in serenades.

He, however, achieved recognition as a balladeer in the early 70s and found success as a solo singer. For many musicians like Marc Anthony, Jose's work and dedication to music were a true inspiration.

People's reaction

People loved the heartfelt tribute and could not help but show their emotions in the comments section:

"Spectacular Tribute 👏👏👏 😢🔥🔥🔥🔥❤❤"

- one person wrote, while others added:

"Beautiful 🙏🏼🙏🏼"



We can't agree more!

The singer performed the song perfectly well and touched people's hearts reminding them of a great Mexican singer who can't be forgotten! Jose Jose's legacy continues to live on in those who loved him and Marc Anthony is obviously one of them.