The "Dance Mom" Star Abby Lee Miller Takes Her First Steps In 17 Months After Being "10 Minutes" From Dying

Date September 19, 2019 18:13

Abby Lee Miller has taken her first steps since April 2018, when she was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma and required emergency spinal surgery.

Dance Moms appeared on the daytime talk show The Doctors on Monday when she got out of her wheelchair and took a few steps across the stage.

Abby learns to walk again!

The woman discussed her difficult medical journey that brought her to the brink of death.

After serving eight months in prison for financial fraud, the dance teacher was diagnosed with spinal Burkitt Lymphoma, which initially left her paralyzed from the neck down. Abby said that things were getting pretty grave from what she was able to overhear from her doctor:

"I was paralyzed from my neck down. I was in the fetal position, just talking, that was it, that was all I could do, and he did eight hours of emergency surgery,"

Abby said.

"He looked at my three friends that were there and he said, 'We have 10 minutes or we're going to lose her.'"

Miller underwent multiple spinal surgeries and 10 rounds of chemotherapy before announcing in May of this year that she's cancer-free.

Even though she wasn't sure if she would walk again, she has been working on re-learning how four times a week and it has certainly paid off.

The "Dance Mom" Star Abby Lee Miller Takes Her First Steps In 17 Months After Being "10 Minutes" From DyingThe Doctors / YouTube

Fans' reaction

People are thrilled to see Abby getting better and can't wait to see her back on the show:

One person said:

"God bless you abby"

Others added:

"Bless you Abby, you are a STAR and I am a fan! I never missed an episode of your show, you are the reason I watched."

"Good luck Abby 😀"

Although there is still a long way to full recovery, it seems that Miller has got off to a good start!