Celebrity Chef Richard Blais Drops 60 Pounds Of Extra Weight After Changing Simple Eating Habits

Date September 25, 2019 17:54

Perhaps most recognizable as the winner of Bravo's Top Chef All-Stars, Richard Blais is a successful chef, restaurateur, James Beard Award-nominated cookbook author and television personality.

10 years ago. however, this handsome and successful man looked a bit different as he was almost 60 pounds overweight -- and 60 pounds heavier than he is today.

"I just really lost control of myself because I was tasting food all day long and partaking in the social aspect of our industry,"

Blais once told HLN. Working as a chef he once ballooned to about 225 pounds.

"Imagine working a 16- to 17-hour day, tasting food all day long, cooking, talking about food, being on your feet all day but not getting any actual exercise, and just wanting a beer after a mentally draining shift. "

The chef lost all that weight and kept it off, he says, by overhauling his lifestyle.

Richard Blais' secret how he lost 60 pounds!

He "stopped eating and drinking so much in a social setting," which he says was easy for him. Eventually, he started using healthy ingredients, such as raw oats, hemp seeds, goji berries, and cocoa nibs, which he now incorporates into his cooking at home and at his restaurants.

Blais says the secret to making food healthy and delicious is "understanding base flavors" and "knowing what the dish you're trying to make healthier needs: Is it fat? Is it salt? Is it acidity?"If you want to avoid using salt, Blais recommends adding spinach or celery, which have natural sodium in them. If you want the flavor of fat without the calories, go for mushrooms, he says.

Brussels sprouts and spinach burgers sound great in theory, but Blais says even the most strong-willed of us can't keep that up every day.

"I don't stay away from eating bad food -- just balance. As a professional chef, I'm watching how much I'm tasting during the day. Portion control for me is a big deal,"

And the last but not the least i, of course, gym!

Blais says a variety of exercises keeps him healthy today. Besides running, he has recently started swimming and is considering training for a triathlon.

Also, here are some tips for you from the famous chef:

  • Fill up on snacks and low-sugar sauces
  • Go green at least once a week
  • Get grilling and do not cease
  • Go to the gym

Fans' reaction

People love the way he looks now but the most important thing is that he loves it!

"Love how you share your story of becoming healthy and strong!"

Another user said:

"Wow! Your weight loss is amazing! 🙌🏾 Going to look into the whole life challenge!!"

While others agreeing added:

"Proud of your commitment to self health, growth and change ✨✨✨"

"Great job!!"

The man feels healthy and happy in his own body, proving that even if you spend the whole day in the hitchen you can still contrll your weight and be fit! Just do it!