Eamonn Holmes Gets Nostalgic And Stuns Fans With Throwback Photo Of Himself From 34 Years Ago

Date September 2, 2019 15:45

If any of us look back at photos from when we were younger we have to admit we do look slightly different. Whether it's our hairstyle, fashion sense or we've aged (just a little obviously) we have to admit we've changed over the years.

Wow! Who is that sharp young man?

This Morning presenter Eamonn Holmes has delighted his Instagram followers by sharing another photo of himself all the way back in 1979, when he was just 19 and we must admit we almost didn't recognize him.

In the photo, Eamonn was standing in front of a brand new car, his first one. He was reflecting on the milestone purchase, after revealing that he’s bought another new car again this past weekend.

In the caption though, he joked that he was ‘robbed’, after paying £550 for his very first set of wheels back in the late 70s.

He wrote,

‘Bought a car today….which brought me back to my first one. 1979 , I was 19 . A Fiat 124 with Rally headlights. 550 quid . I was robbed.’

With masses of thick dark hair, and a smaller frame than he sports now, the Eamonn of 40 years ago certainly looks pretty different to the man we know so well from our TV screens now.

Fans' reaction

Fans were impressed by the nostalgic look at the Belfast-born TV personality's look.

One said,

"What a handsome fellow 😍🤩",

while another follower replied,

"Looking very sharp Eamonn".

A third fan also commented,

"You look like a younger Bobby Ewing from Dallas"

All in all, the time has not spared Eamon, proving we are all just humans! Yet, the TV presenter is no less charming today then he was almost 40 years ago, even if there is slightly less hair on his head.