Michael Jackson's Son Prince Reflects On His Father's Legacy & His Advice About Navigating Through Life In Latest Interview

Date October 21, 2019 17:21

Michael Jackson's son, Prince have barely opened up about his father since his death. The year 2019 seems to be the one for all revelations! The eldest child of the King of Pop is finally speaking up about his late father and the dynamics of their relationship.

The celebrity brood has founded the Heal Los Angeles charity to continue his dad's campaign, Heal the World. While on Today show, Prince admitted that he hasn't been lucky in getting Michael's dancing genes. The 22-year-old lad is a fan of motorcycles, dogs, and traveling. He's connecting to the world through the Instagram account: @princejackson.

What Michael taught him?

Prince Jackson was invited as a keynote speaker for an L.A summit for the Family Office Associaton. There, he opened up about the subject of Michael Jackson's parenthood and how he influenced his eldest son.

He remarked that MJ's legacy was his compassion. He treated a janitor the same way he treated a CEO. The singer was eager to help the less fortunate as he related to their challenges. Prince said:

He [Michael Jackson] understood what it was like to struggle and what it was like to be prosperous.

The youngster further elaborated that it is important to keep educating yourself about other cultures and ways of life. Prince took the opportunity to spread his dad's message that even if you are successful or wealthy it doesn't give you the right to treat others poorly.

Prince's paternity

Debbie Rowe was the one to bring Michael's children into the world as his wife. Many doubted if Prince was the entertainer's biological child when Arnold Klein and Mark Lester claimed the boy to be theirs via bodily-fluid donation. The heir has vitiligo just like MJ which kind of disapproves the theory.

We are sure Prince would a great man, walking his dad's footsteps. The young man suffered a lot at the hands of paparazzi and now, he's learned to handle the storms. How awesome is that to witness his strength and Michael's values in action!

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