Courteney Cox Is Amazed To Learn She's Related To Queen Elizabeth: "I Hope I’m From Buckingham Palace"

Date October 24, 2019 17:50

You may know Courteney Cox as one of the stars of the hit TV sitcom Friends and a bunch of other movies and TV roles since then. But how much do you know about her life before she became a star?

Courteney Cox's family includes her parents Richard Lewis and Courteney Copeland. She was raised in Birmingham Alabama, she has two older sisters and one older brother.

Connection to Queen Elizabeth

During a 2017 episode of Who Do You Think You Are?, the American actress took a trip to Europe to trace her maternal family line and she ended up learning something unexpected.

First off, the actress discovered she was related to royalty. Her 18 times great-grandfather happens to be Thomas de Berkeley whose descendants are the current members of the British royal family, including Queen Elizabeth.

Courteney Cox found the story of her history to be quite scandalous and juicy considering that Thomas de Berkeley actually held Edward II (the king's father at the time) prisoner in 1327.

Of course, all this was centuries ago but the Friends actress thought it all the information fascinating. Upon realizing her connection to the Queen of England, she said:

I hope I’m from Buckingham Palace.

Courteney's relatives

In response to this episode of the show, a few people also pointed out their own relation to Courteney herself and the royal family by extension.

@WindRaven Speaks:

Guess I am related to Courtney Cox, I am descended form Joan of Acre, King Edward the second's sister. King Edward the first and Queen Eleanor of Castile.

@Rebecca Mæd:

Oh wow!!! I’m related to her. I never thought about it but my great grandmother is a Cox. This story broke my heart when I was doing family tree research.

@Ree Robinson:

We are related (and not too distantly) on my paternal side. Really enjoyed seeing this episode. DNA has certainly made genealogy easier.

Looking into your history can lead to some very interesting discoveries. And in some cases, you may even learn that you have famous relatives. Of course, it doesn't necessarily grant you an invite to their family dinner but still, it's pretty cool to learn about people out there that you're connected to.

And it's got to be the best thing to find out you're related to royalty, isn't it?

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