Facing The Same Struggles: Michael Jackson's Son Prince Has Vitiligo Skin Condition Just Like His Late Father

Date August 13, 2019 11:28

Michael Jackson was an iconic singer and performer. But his private life got as much attention, if not more, than his public persona.

A confirmed diagnosis

Even though the singer was reported to be suffering from the skin condition Vitiligo, there were still some people who didn't believe him.

However, all these doubts were put to rest when, according to NY Daily News, an autopsy performed on the deceased singer showed that he did indeed have vitiligo, a condition that causes the skin to lose pigment.

This diagnosis explained the change in Jackson's complexion over the years.

Like father like son

Much like many aspects of Michael Jackson's life, the paternity of his son Prince also caused quite a bit of controversy. However, one thing that lent credence to Jackson being Prince's father is the condition the young boy inherited from him.

According to The Telegraph, Prince's mother, dermatology nurse Debbie Rowe became close to Jackson while she was treating the singer for vitiligo. The pair ended up getting married in 1996.

The late singer's sister, La Toya Jackson, confirmed that Prince has vitiligo as well. She said in an interview with New! magazine;

Vitiligo is on my father's side and Prince has it, too – on his arms and chest.

Getting treatment

According to RadarOnline, Prince is already receiving treatment for his condition. He reportedly spent a couple of weeks at a clinic in Switzerland after he was involved in a motorcycle accident in 2017. While at the Swiss facility, he took advantage of the opportunity to be treated for the skin condition.

Hopefully, taking matters into his hands will help him get a handle on the issue.