Baby Bump Alert: Fans Suspect Nicole Kidman Is Pregnant After Her Latest Instagram Photo

Date August 19, 2019 16:40

There's hardly any female celeb that can escape the baby bump watch. A slight bulge in the stomach area and fans go crazy with the possibility that a baby is on the way. No one can blame them though, pregnancy news can be very exciting.

Nicole's stunning photo

Recently, Nicole Kidman shared a gorgeous picture of herself standing on a balcony which was against the backdrop of a truly spectacular view of a forest and breathtaking clouds.

While she did not give a lot of info about where she was, she did mention in the caption that she was "taking in the view."

Her fans, of course, appreciated her photo but also felt like Nicole, who was wearing baggy clothes, just might be cradling a baby bump.

Is she pregnant?

With the way the actress positioned her hands and the teensiest of bulges pushing against her clothes, commenters could not help but put forth the theory that Nicole Kidman may be pregnant.

One Instagram commenter @nsmermom wrote;

Ok! First of all, yes! It looks so much like she’s holding her “baby bump”?!

Another @bbrookllyn posted;

100% thought I saw a baby bump too.

@livlghlveleo_87 appreciated the view the actress was sharing with her fans but also mentioned that the positioning of her hands could make people assume she's pregnant.

Stunning view! Not going to lie, though, I got excited and thought maybe you were holding a baby bump!! And I mean no disrespect, it's just the position in which you're holding your hands/ arms.

An expert mom

If Nicole Kidman is indeed pregnant, it's nothing she can't handle. Already a mother of four, the actress has shown herself to be a pro at combining her mom life and her work like.

But until we get an official confirmation from the famous mom, all we can do is guess at this time.