Mending Fences: Tom Cruise Had To Apologize To Brooke Shields For Making Offensive Comments About Her Postpartum Depression

Date September 13, 2019 13:57

Tom Cruise isn't a stranger to scandals and controversies. He has been in the news for his religious views, family life, and some statements he has made publicly.

In 2005, while speaking to Matt Lauer, Tom got into a heated argument with the host over Brooke Shields' decision to treat postpartum depression.

When Matt brought up the actress in their conversation, tension grew as Tom insisted that he never agreed with psychiatry. The actor describes psychiatry as pseudoscience and mentioned that Brooke's decision to rely on drugs to get through PPD only masked the problem.

The Top Gun actor insisted that there was no such thing as a "chemical imbalance" and that people could get through their problems through "vitamins and exercise."

In an opinion piece published in the New York Times, Brooke once again defended her decision to seek treatment for her condition. Referring to Tom's words, she said:

To suggest that I was wrong to take drugs to deal with my depression, and that instead I should have taken vitamins and exercised shows an utter lack of understanding about postpartum depression and childbirth in general.

Mending Fences: Tom Cruise Had To Apologize To Brooke Shields For Making Offensive Comments About Her Postpartum DepressionGetty Images / Ideal Image

All's forgiven

It's been many years since that conflict between the two stars. And in 2016, Brooke revealed on Jenny McCarthy's SiriusXM show that Tom actually came over to her home to apologize for what he said.

The Suddenly Susan actress said that the feud had officially ended as she felt like "life is too short" to worry about other people's opinion of her.

Recalling how the apology happened, the actress said Tom called her and asked to have a talk with her. Then she invited him over to her house and they ended up mending fences.

Brooke also revealed that she chose to attend Tom and Katie's wedding after the latter invited her.

A tough road

Brooke Shields once revealed that she had her baby daughter in 2003 after a miscarriage and seven IVF attempts.

It seemed like a dream come true but due to her postpartum depression, she couldn't really embrace the moment. Eventually, she got the help she needed and everything worked out.

Tom's views on psychiatry may be controversial but at the end of the day, people can choose to agree to disagree without malice which was what these two did.