Mike Tyson Says He Once Caught His Then-Wife Robin Givens And Brad Pitt "Right Before The Act" At Their Home

Date August 27, 2019 10:57

Many Hollywood marriages don't stand the test of time. And Mike Tyson's marriage to actress Robin Givens was particularly short in that regard.

A brief union

Mike and Robin met in March 1986. The couple then got married on February 7, 1988. But it didn't take long for their relationship to fall apart.

According to reports, Robin suffered a miscarriage in May 1988 which marked the beginning of the end for the couple. Robins filed for divorce in October of that year, alleging spousal abuse while Mike stated that his then-wife was only interested in his money, not in him.

Their divorce was finalized on February 14, 1989.

Caught in the act

While he as a guest on 'The Real' in 2016, Mike Tyson opened up about a time he caught Robin in a compromising situation with actor Brad Pitt. He began his story by saying;

I didn't really catch them in the act... Maybe right before the act.

He then went on to say he had gone over to the home he had shared with Robin when he saw her driving in with the Mr. & Mrs. Smith actor. This was around the time the couple was in the midst of their divorce proceedings, he clarified.

According to Mike, Robin was shocked to see him at the house but Brad didn't seem to be too bothered. The good news was that things didn't escalate as Mike described Brad as "a really nice guy," while stating that this was the first time he met the actor one-on-one.

Thank you, Next

When she was a guest on Access Hollywood, Robin opened up about some of the men she had dated in the past. She confirmed that she and Brad Pitt did have a thing "a long time ago."

However, when asked if she would date him again, she replied;

I need cute guys now... Thank you, Next.

Mike and Robin didn't have a perfect marriage, but it's been decades since then and the pair seems to have moved on now.