Kathie Lee Gifford's Rumored Boyfriend Has Been Identified As Insurance Agent 10 Years Younger Than She Is

Date August 5, 2019

Kathie Lee Gifford may already be moving on with a new man based on recent reports. And more information about the previously unidentified partner has been unearthed.

Snuggling up

Last month, the former TODAY show host was spotted dancing very closely with a mystery man at an outdoor concert.

A video of this encounter was shared by the Daily Mail and since then, fans have been wondering about who the partner really is. Nevertheless, one witness on the scene believed that Kathie Lee was having a lot of fun.

She was having a great time dancing very intimately with a male friend.

Meet Randall Cronk

According to the Daily Mail, Kathie Lee's dance partner and possible boyfriend is actually 56-year-old Randall Cronk. Randall is the president of RMC Insurance Group and graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi in 1986.

Based on the clip of both of them snuggling up to each other, it's safe to say that Randall has captured the 65-year-old's TV personality's heart. Apparently, it didn't matter that there is an almost 10-year age difference between the two.

A month after Kathie Lee retired from being a TV host, she told People magazine that she was ready to start dating again. At the time, she implied she was looking for something serious.

I'm not interested in something that isn't magnificent.

She revealed that while she would love that type of companionship, overall, she wanted an "active, vibrant life."

A past tragedy

Kathie Lee may finally be giving love another chance after her husband passed away in 2015.

According to NBC, Frank Gifford died at the age of 84. He had suffered from a brain disease called chronic traumatic encephalopathy which is often associated with concussions.

Kathie Lee Gifford's Rumored Boyfriend Has Been Identified As Insurance Agent 10 Years Younger Than She IsGetty Images / Ideal Image

The Hall of Fame football star and his wife had such a happy life together. However, following such a big loss, Kathie Lee is now prepared to see what else is out there