“Yuck!” Bradley Cooper Debuts New Look With “Terrifying” Moustache And Fans Don’t Seem Pleased With It

Date August 28, 2019 17:28

Apart from being a talented actor, one thing Bradley Cooper is great at is rocking different looks.

The ‘A Star is Born’ actor is never afraid to try on a new look, be it sporting full beards, or rocking a low beard.

He has even gone as far as rocking a clean shave, and he still looked jaw-dropping!

New mustache, new look!

Bradley was spotted giving major Mario brother vibes this summer.

The actor was seen in Disneyland bonding with his 2-year-old daughter with Irina Shayk.

While the actor was having a good time on the rides, fans couldn’t help but be carried away with his new mustache.

Bradley looked years older than his 44-years of age, and we couldn’t get over how much he looked like an inspector.

What do fans think?

Unfortunately, internet users don’t like this version of Bradley, and their remarks reflected it.

What do you think of Bradley’s new look? Are you for it or against it?