Fans Accuse Melania Trump Of Stealing Ideas From Buckingham Palace To Redecorate The White House: “Someone Was Really Impressed By Buckingham Palace”

Date September 18, 2019

As the First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump has tried her hands on giving the White House a makeover to suit her family’s taste.

She redecorated the White House for Christmas last year, but, unfortunately, internet users were not impressed by it.

The FLOTUS was heavily trolled on social media with many comparing it to something occultic.

Another try!

Melania has, however, not giving up on giving the White House a revamp.

According to reports, the First Lady gave the White House a makeover in light of the upcoming State Dinner on Friday.

The FLOTUS gave the residence an overall red feel and replaced the wall fabric in the Red Room.

She also designed a new rug for the Diplomatic Reception Room and decorated the main entrance with flowers of the 50 states.

Fans react

Many netizens have noticed that Melania’s makeover looks remarkably like Buckingham Palace.

Others were not so impressed by the revamp.

What do you think of Melania’s renovation? Are you all for it or not?