Gladys Knight's Son Tried To Tarnish Her Image And Threatened To "Go Public With" Her Alzheimer's Diagnosis

Date September 11, 2019 16:06

While Gladys Knight has been able to master the world of music and fame, the same cannot be said about her family life as she isn't on good terms with her son Shanga Hankerson.

Gladys sued her son for using her name

According to reports, the Grammy-Award winner sued her Shanga for using her name illegally for his restaurant business.

The lawsuit obtained by Journal News revealed that Gladys licensed her name to Shanga in 1999, but when she noticed mismanagement of funs in 2009, she decided to end the agreement.

However, Shanga didn't agree to stop using her name and refused to respond to the lawsuit.

He blackmailed her

After Shanga's refusal to stop using his mother's name, the clerk entered a default victory for Gladys, and this caused her son to get even nastier.

As reported by TMZ, Shanga's lawyer asked her to give them more time to respond to the lawsuit, or they will go public with her Alzheimer's diagnosis.

"Give us more time to respond to the lawsuit, or we'll go public with your Alzheimer's diagnosis, the lawyer said."

When Gladys didn't bulge to their threat, Shanga went ahead to file legal documents that state that his mother "lacks the mental capacity" to rescind the license agreement.

With Shanga's restaurant plagued with roach infestation according to reports from the health department, Gladys believes this puts her reputation at stake.

She demands that the court doesn't let Shanga off the default judgment of banning him from using her name.

It is never healthy for family members to be at war. We hope things get settled before it gets too late.